Independent researcher in AI alignment, CS theory, game theory, machine learning, existential risks and applied rationality. Recently supported by EA Grants and Open Philantropy, in 2020/2021 worked on Epidemic Forecasting project.

In the past I have worked at Department of applied mathematics, Charles University, Algorithms group at ETH Zurich, AIC at Czech technical university, Google Zurich and CZ.NIC.


Scholar, DBLP, arXiv, ORCID

I am working on AI alignment, game theory, statistical physics applications, complex networks, machine learning, Bayesian modelling, and existential risk topis in general. My other and past topics include graph theory, computational complexity, deep learning, artificial intelligence, reinforcement learning, algorithms in genomics, epidemic modelling, and job scheduling.

Other activities

Czech Effective Altruism group (Spolek pro efektivní altruismus) — council member. Applied rationality and experiential education with Epistea Lab. Co-managing a Tibetan tea house Dharmasala in Praha Karlín. Camps with crafts and orchid meadow cutting in ZČHB Kolovrátek. In the past, I have organized seminars for talented high-school students MaM and KSP.